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Beware. While you’re reading this, some poor soul somewhere is getting ripped off by a supposed ‘Social Media marketing expert’. From a geek in a back bedroom, who positions themselves as an authority because they “grew up with Social Media”, they’ve heard that Social Media marketing success is “Guaranteed. Just leave it all to me”. And they won’t be the only one having their hard-earned cash stolen off them quicker than the Vega Prizes team can shout: “HOLD FIRE!”

Social Media. What are the options?

We’ve all heard of Facebook and Twitter, right? And we’re familiar with Whatsapp, Snapchat and Instagram. Heck, most of us are a dab hand at using all of these Social Media platforms, as well as making YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok part of our everyday lives. We probably can’t even remember a world where Social Media was yet to exist!
With billions of users enjoying and benefiting in myriad ways from using these sites and apps, it’s hardly surprising that business-owners worldwide are keen to cash in. After all, what a great way to reach a global audience, to create a buzz, to SELL SELL SELL.


Common Social Media scams include Lottery scams, Catfishing, IQ scams, Account Cancelled fraud, Healthcare deception, FREE Gift Card swindles, and not forgetting that disturbingly profitable Stuck Abroad Scam (“Please please please transfer £500 to my bank account NOW to get me home to my parents and little dog Benji, and out of this warzone!”) and many more. But the type of dodgy dealing we’re really talking about here is where a business owner entrusts a self-proclaimed Social Media Specialist with their money not to mention their online reputation, only to see little or no return on their investment, or even never to hear from the ‘Specialist’ again. Increasingly anxious phone calls aren’t returned. Polite but progressively strong e-mails receive zero replies. Basically, it all goes…

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Avoid that. Instead, BRING YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING ALIVE by leaving it all to an established consultancy with decades of professional (not hobbyist) experience. What you absolutely need is nothing less than Internet Marketing Specialists with extensive experience in delivering Social Media results-driven services: one who can definitely help you to bring in new clients; one who sets targets, and works to a carefully orchestrated strategy; one who cleverly controls the amount of content put out, as well as where and when; one with a track record of success and the client testimonials and metrics to prove it. And, if you’re lucky, you might even find one who knows more than anyone else operating in the Internet Marketing Industry about how to…

make your business GROW!

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