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What is SEO and link Building?

SEO is a short name for search engine optimization and is the process of improving your website in major search engines. The more people exposed to your website the more likely you can attract new business enquiries which can lead to sales. Link building strategy is about  placing links on other websites in the same industry as yours. It has the goal of increasing the authority of your website and increase ranking in major search engines. Website Link building is the most effective SEO technique used to build authority for a website and improve its ranks in Google. If done correctly it can be your key to success in the online space.

What does SEO do?

SEO is used to lift your website higher in major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo to name a few. When you first launch a website SEO is important to get your website recognised and drive traffic to your blog or website.

How much does SEO Cost

The price for SEO Services vary on which company you use. We highly recommend you use a white hat seo agency like Vega Prizes Digital who can drive rankings for all websites across the world.

What is the Final Goal of Link Building and Other SEO Methods?

The goal of SEO is to influence search engines to increase your website’s ranks. The more and the better your SEO efforts satisfy the visitors, the more “rewarded” your website will be by search engines.
The final goal of SEO can be interpreted in 2 ways. The first one represents the purposes of SEO efforts. And the second one represents the final results that the SEO efforts produced. In the first case, there is a small confusion that can appear because some SEO methods are focused on user satisfaction. While other methods must focus on the search engine algorithms. But the goal is actually the same one.

Is SEO Legal?

SEO is legal and an industry worth $80 billion dollars. You should be sure of which company you use as many companies may provide toxic back links to your website and your website could be penalised by Google. Vega Prizes digital are your best choice of seo company.

How long does it take to do SEO?

SEO can take time so we recommend you be patient. Professional SEO companies can take up to 4 weeks to complete a first round of a project. With that said you will need to maintain your SEO to stay above your competition.

Can I subscribe to more than one SEO package on Vega Prizes Digital?

Yes you can purchase more than one SEO package deal. We would start off with the larger package and then move to the smaller package to keep constant juice flowing to your website.

Will I get SEO Reports and track my web ranking progress?

Yes at Vega Prizes we do an in-depth analysis of your site and recommend what should be done on page SEO so this connects to what we will be doing on the back end. In addition Vega Prizes Digital provides weekly SEO reports that show you exactly what we have been doing and links placed and ranking update.

Is the one off monthly SEO package rolling contract?

The SEO package that you purchase from our site will be a one off monthly purchase no contract and once you purchase the SEO package there are no refunds and we will continue working on your site for the next 4 weeks. You are entitled to come back again straight after and purchase another SEO package deal.

Can I recommend a friend for SEO

Yes you can surly recommend a friend for SEO. If you are already a customer and recommend a friend you will receive 20% off your next order. Please get in touch via email or call our representatives who will assist you.

Can I play the SEO leaderboard Games?

Yes, these SEO games are just for entertainment ONLY and we would like to keep our clients entertained whiles we work and drive your website up Google Listings Local and national.

Can I join the SEO Competition?

Yes you can join our SEO competition as its easy as 1,2,3… You just provide your email and you are automatically entered into a monthly draw where one lucky customer will win our Silver Package SEO Deal.

I am a start up company, can you help with social media too?

We love working with start up companies as we can see the full growth from the start. As a digital marketing agency we can offer digital social seeding packages through our sister agency. This kind of online marketing will see your content get thousands and if not millions of views + engagements. Ask our representatives for a quote.

How can I contact Vega Prizes SEO Agency if I have an enquiry?

You can email us at or contact us by phone using the contact us.

Can I speak to an adviser and what are your opening hours?

We are open 8am till 8pm daily including weekends.

Are my details safe?

Yes all your contact details and any other information is protected and you can see our privacy policy and terms and conditions pages for more information.

Do you do any other forms of marketing?
Yes as our sister street marketing agency can manage all your guerrilla marketing campaigns.


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