A. “VEGA PRIZES DIGITAL, buddy. Like, where’ve you been?!”

What a rude dude. I mean, there’s no need for that. The other guy was only asking a question, right? Right. A crucial question, in fact. And, across the Globe, the word is only really just spreading about the endless fun to be found at VEGA PRIZES SEO AGENCY. But, wow, it’s spreading fast. Faster than:

! The speed of light

! The speed of sound

! A cheetah gasping for a Mojita

! A shepherd fleeing a leopard across the Gobi Desert

! A waiter’s wig on a windy day in Mandalay (“Cover that soup bowl, honey!”)


The reason for the online buzz about VEGA PRIZES becoming louder by the day is actually quite simple: it’s by far the best place on the Internet for SEO prize competitions.

Compete against other online games-lovers all over the planet, and see how you get on. Your score will be monitored by a leader board. And if you’re the highest scoring player at the end of the month, you can look forward to receiving a BUMPER PRIZE.

Before we all get playing, let’s quickly recap:

✓  At VEGA PRIZES, Enter SEO competitions FREE (no subscription required)

✓ Subscribe to enter competition automatically to have a chance to win a free SEO Monthly package totalling £400 with guaranteed winners picked randomly each month.

IT’S OFFICIAL. When it comes to SEO competitions, Vega Prizes Digital Marketing Agency is the one!

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